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Ninefold Public Cloud Platform is Sunsetting

For nearly five years, Ninefold has delivered a cloud computing platform focused on our brand promise of ease and performance, delivered through simplicity. We were the first Australian provider to invest in Aussie infrastructure that was truly cloud - multiple availability zones, instant horizontal and vertical scaling (at cloud capacities), purchased online by the hour. We developed a simple to use user interface and made it easy to integrate via API. We achieved many great milestones on the platform’s journey. Thank you to those that were part of the journey, and thank you to our customers who have made us who we are.

Significantly more investment is required if we are to make what we’ve built go to the next level. After an evaluation of the underlying technical platform, much consideration and deep reflection, we have decided not to embark on this journey. We will shortly notify our customers that we will be sunsetting our Public Cloud Computing (Server) platform, the last day of operation being January 30, 2016.

Our minds are now focused on how we can best support a smooth transition for our customers to either our parent company’s cloud services or to an alternative provider. We appreciate that for some of our customers this will be a significant inconvenience and we will do what we can to make it easy.