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Vibe is for V

The Vibe is back!

After many weeks wandering lost in the wilderness, I present to you the new and improved (caveat: exactly the same) vibe.


If you only look at one link from this edition of the vibe. This. Amazing use of WebRTC and HTML5.

WebRTC in the real world: STUN, TURN and signaling

A detailed look at WebRTC and some of the technology behind CubeSlam. Seriously go look at CubeSlam now.


A very handy and very large collection of HTML templates.

Did you look at CubeSlam yet?

HAProxy 1.5 released

HAProxy is in my top-10 list of technology that just works. Ninefold use it extensively for Managing Logs and routing within clustered Rails applications. The latest version has a ton of new features including SSL termination.

Eric Brew on containers at Google

Docker is so hot right now. Even Google is using it. You can be too.

An Introduction to Designing and Building Antifragile Microservices with Java

Even though it’s about Java, some great general points about microservice design. Simple components, pipes of data, all loosely connected, allowing evolution and change.

More on Microservices – Boundaries, Governance, Reuse & Complexity

A nice microservice meta-summary.


EvaporateJS is a javascript library for directly uploading files from a web browser to AWS S3, using S3’s multipart upload.

Event Sourcing on Rails with RabbitMQ

Description of Event Sourcing using RabbitMQ.

Event Sourcing ensures that all changes to application state are stored as a sequence of events.

MQTT benchmarks with RabbitMQ & ActiveMQ

Speaking of RabbitMQ, from the Department of Benchmarks, Statistics and Misc Lies we have a detailed analysis of the performance profiles of the two biggest open-source AMQP implementations.

It’s official: developers get better with age. And scarcer.

I think this is true. But then, I probably can’t be trusted. Because I am old(ish).

Why Not Erlang? The Lack of Onramps

I love Elixir and Erlang, and have toyed with the Elrang ecosystem on and off for years. This argument holds true for me. A language an ecosystem needs an entry point or onramp for new developers. Node.js has JavaScript itself, Ruby has Rails. Erlang sort-of has Elixir and Elixir has … ?

Why Every Language Needs Its Underscore

Creating idiomatic higher-level abstractions in our programming languages embiggens us all.

Obviously, more code emits more text. Higher level code generates an explanation utilizing higher level abstractions. This way we can use bigger building blocks not only in coding, but in problem solving.

Dec64 is a number type

Interesting read on an alternative general number type.

The Hat Squad

This was a thing. Apparently.

World of Guns: Gun Disassembly

This also is a thing. I like Goat Simulator more.

The Vibe is an eventually consistent weekly collection of interesting links and … stuff.

It’s Ruby, it’s Rails, it’s programming, it’s databases, it’s the vibe, and, uh … No, that’s it.

It’s the vibe[^vibe]

[^vibe]: Confused? Watch this clip from The Castle and you might understand. Watch the whole film and you definitely will.