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The Vibe

This week/s I have been mostly struggling with an outage in our primary care giver, realising that my family is not really highly available and has no real disaster recovery plan. Roll on Spring, I say after a hard month of Sickness as a Service.

I also went to the Docker meetup in Melbourne, which was excellent. Docker. So hot right now.

Programming Skills Matrix

A useful guide for benchmarking your programming skills and for

What concurrency in Node.js could have been

My critique of node is really around the concurrency model. An event loop and callbacks are not enough - first-class primitives in the language are really required.

Thoughtworks Tech Radar July 2014

Always an interesting read, this edition of the tech radar rates Ansible, Go, Hadoop and Java 8 (not in that order necessarily)

Time-based One-time Password Algorithm

Just because I wanted to know “How does it even work”. Also, you should 2-Factor all the things.

PostgreSQL Performance on Docker

Benchmarks mean nothing, of course, but an interesting read.

Language Rankings

Closely related to benchmarks mean nothing, programmiung language popularity ratings also mean nothing. I do think it is an interesting summary of the zeitgeist and the things that are generating heat and light.

A lispers first impression of Julia

Speaking of languages, Julia is a high-level, high-performance dynamic programming language for technical computing.

The system is down

A song for your next outage.

40 million hits a day on wordpress using a $10 vps

Turns out caching actually works! You can serve quite a lot of traffic from some pretty modest “hardware”.

I particularly like:

Everyone said Nginx was faster. Turns out, it’s not magically faster than Apache (and appears worse out of the box).

Ninefold encountered this sentiment a lot when choosing to run Rails apps on Apache. The common wisdom is Nginx is just faster, but all of this is anecdotal.

10 Program Busting Caching Mistakes

And speaking of caching.

Dissecting Message Queues

I <3 message queues. Great analaysis. I hadn’t heard of NATS or gnatsd, and NSQ (created by Bitly) is another interesting take on messaging coming from real-world usage.

Bitly: Lessons Learned Building A Distributed System That Handles 6 Billion Clicks A Month

Speaking of Bitly, yet another most excellent High Scalability review, this time on Bitly’s architecture.


Polyglot is a distributed web framework that allows programmers to create web applications in multiple programming languages

Vaguely reminscient of my own visions of a grand unified platform for microservices.

Chef Container

This week, Chef released a version of the Chef client that can run inside a Linux container. This container-friendly client is called chef-container.


Art! In WebGL!

Ruby Conf CFP is open

Ruby Conf 2014 call for papers is open.

I would love to find something to talk about … but I have no ideas.

The Big Ball of Mud

Thinking about Microservices as a contract, rather than an implementation

our industry tends to swing from hype to hype and does not even try to learn any lessons from the down-swing.


The Fallacy of Distributed Transactions

I love articles like this. So much of software seems easy unless you actually think about it.

Church vs Curry Types

Types, how do they even work?


From the Dept of Shameless Self Promotion. I made a thing in Go, tried to get some quiet feedback from some Go people on Twitter and somehow hit the front page of Hacker News. Cue a desperate scramble to actually make my code look like Go and not the random late-night stream of consciousness of a deranged insomniac.

Moon Hooch

117% of your Recomended Daily Intake of Saxphone.

It’s kinda epic.

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