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Docker comes preloaded on Ninefold

Docker is truly game changing when it comes to deploying and running online applications. We are very excited to announce Docker 1.0.0 is now available on Ninefold!

We aim to make microservices more easily available for our Rails and virtual server customers by allowing them to utilize Docker containers running on the same network. We have made the process of getting a machine up and running with Docker super simple. You can get started in a matter of minutes.

Now when you go to deploy a bare server, you have the option to deploy one with Docker preloaded. Just select Ubuntu as the OS and then choose Docker 1.0.0 in the server deployment wizard. We will automatically setup Ubuntu 14.04 LTS with Docker 1.0.0 as well as several images preloaded to help you get started. All of the included images are from the official/trusted repositories.

The images preloaded are: (NOTE: You can remove any of these from your server using docker rmi repository:tag)

If you are new to Docker, we suggest running through the examples in the Docker tutorial. After you have gone through the tutorials, the Docker Hub has 14,000+ images for you to use today and it just keeps growing. Have a play around with Docker by taking advantage of our 1 month free trial.

Congrats to the Docker team and community for this major milestone. Awesome stuff! We are very excited by the vibrant community that has formed around Docker. We are a part of that community and look forward to delivering even deeper Docker related benefits, so stay tuned!

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