Need access to powerful
virtual servers?

Deploy a server in minutes on Ninefold!

We provide you with high performance virtual servers for when you need to put your ideas into the cloud. Ninefold’s servers are perfect for when you need to have full control; in order to run custom-compiled software, to deploy a LAMP stack or to host an IRC server, etc. Or alternatively you can deploy a Ruby on Rails app using our platform.

Scale up or down? It’s your choice.

Your virtual servers on Ninefold can be scaled up or down as needed, giving you maximum flexibility, reliability and speed when you need it.

Windows, Linux or Docker?

Spin up a virtual server with a couple of clicks using templates based on CentOS, Ubuntu and Windows. You have SSH access, root access and you can do what you want with it.

We also have you covered when it comes to backups, extra storage, public IPs and firewalls. It’s all available through the Ninefold portal (and through an API you can talk to using the Fog gem).

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Ninefold cloud servers come complete.

Rapid Deployment

Spin up a virtualized server in just a few minutes

API Access

Deploy and manage your servers with greater flexibility. Learn more


Pay for only the resources you use. Scale up or down as needed.

Windows, Linux or Docker?

It's your choice, the blue pill, the penguin or the whale?

Multiple Availability Zones

Infrastructure across two data centres in Sydney.

DNS Management

Manage your DNS and virtual servers from the portal.

Global Load Balancing

Direct your users via the quickest route.

Elegant Control

Ensure you’re always in control.

Docker, it's so hot right now.

You've probably heard how hot Docker is right now. So we've enabled our customers to utilize Docker containers running on the same network. You can get a Docker machine up and running within minutes. Learn more.

Please sir, I want some more… More!? Of course you can have some more!

Click through the categories below to see what else your virtual servers come with!


  • Easy and intuitive Portal. Full control of your infrastructure at your fingertips.
  • Self-service with rapid setup. Get your servers started in minutes.
  • Globally competitive pricing - especially for bandwidth.
  • Only pay for the resources you use - No minimum spend, no fixed plans.
  • High performance servers across 2 data centres in Sydney.
  • Extremely low latency & fast transfer speeds.
  • Free local support.
  • Ninefold owned infrastructure allows us to deliver on our performance claims

Operating Systems & Templates

  • Windows Server 2008 templates.
  • Linux template (CentOS & Ubuntu).
  • Clone servers in a single click for rapid scaling or new testing environments.
  • Persistent storage - your data is retained if the VM is switched off or crashes.
  • Automated recurring backups (Server Snapshots).
  • Manual backups (Server Snapshots).
  • Add additional high performance disk/storage volumes.
  • Live View (Access your VM from within the Portal).


  • DNS management - allows you to manage your DNS and virtual servers from the same portal.
  • Multiple Availability Zones - for improved performance and reliability.
  • Global load balancing - to increase availability and uptime.
  • Free local load balancing.
  • Easy, DIY Port / Firewall management.
  • Dedicated virtual firewalls.
  • Free internal & inter-zones traffic / bandwidth.
  • Free inbound traffic / bandwidth.

Security & Performance

  • Highly secure state-of-the-art data centres.
  • Multiple availability zones & load balancing across zones.
  • Backups (Data Snapshots).
  • Cellular infrastructure design improves reliability and performance.
  • Service health dashboard.

Development & Customisation

Pricing Flexibility

  • Competitive prices.
  • Free global & local load balancing.
  • More server sizes so you don’t pay for more than you need.
  • Free internet bandwidth – inbound.
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing. Pay for only the resources you use and nothing you don’t.
  • No plans, no setup costs, no hidden costs.